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Not only was it entertaining and well paced, the humor was actually funny. Kept me wanting to see more and it's filled with awesomeness! Nice animation, voice acting and music, and heck it was even educational to some extent.

The warning was a good touch and the two characters reminded me of Dexter and Mandark from Dexter's Lab, my favorite cartoon show ever.

Good work, I'm impressed!

Can't blame you for the pixelated sprites, fair enough. But the start was slow and lame, those pillars stayed there forever. I see what you tried to do with the field of depth and that, but it didn't work for me, you need to learn how to do it properly.

But aside from all that, good animation and music. You've done a good job on sprite editing as well, SubZee Vs Batty was AWESOME! Interesting use of powers and you balanced them really well.

It was really entertaining, I actually want to play the game after watching this (I didn't want to hear anything about it prior to this)!

That Was Really Good!

Successful films managed to evoke emotions from the viewers and for this film, someone needs to have no soul not to feel anything! I laughed, i cringed in pain, worried and got scared, got confused and even got excited... DAMN. That was probably the craziest emotional ride I've ever had on NewGrounds!

Nuff said!

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An Attempt At A Non Biassed Review...

Ignoring all the controversial game content for a second... the game itself is TOO SHORT.

Too bad because I was hoping for a puzzle type game where you have to destroy the most bases/soldiers in a certain number of steps or something. ENTER key could have forced the nearest enemy to shoot at you, but based on your positioning maybe shoot a barrel or something, so a little bit of strategy involved. Good concept, just not taken far enough.

I like the certificate, but again not reaching it's possible potential. Should have gone to <game content into consideration now> heaven or something, because your character gets what they wish for in the end. Or maybe just hell, so you can make a statement about terrorism.

Speaking about statements... I understand your point of doing satire but that alone won't shield you from your creation. You missed a chance to say something a bit more here... story could have been about a kid trying to get to <insert controversial country here> and taking terrorism lessons and in the end goes for the final boom! But maybe it was his own brother on that final base! :O OMG TwIsT 3nDiNg! I'd play that on my phone...

But still on a technical/coding level, it was good. Visuals were pixel perfect, nice effects and it's a short but fun distraction in the end... I replayed it a couple times even but that's about it, not memorable so 4/10. I'd like a sequel... make it Osama's ghost guiding this young grasshopper or something. Lol!

GroggyLobster responds:

good ideas. too bad that i suck at programming. for example: i thought about placing a banana peel on the street that could make you slip and die. but then i didn't know how to make it possible to let the player jump.

the next thing is, i didn't want to make it deep. i rather wanted to make it stupid. but thanks for the long review.

Your concept is AWESOME just lacks level design...

That's my only problem, need to design the Mario levels to make Tetris fit in... otherwise, it BLEW my mind.

The Concept Is Absurd...

... But that's why it's the funnest Flash game I've ever played! I don't really go for Flash games, but you can't top taking down Jumbo Jet's and things with a shark. You made my day with this submission!

Sequel, should give you a mega jump that can take you up to space or something!

10/10 5/5

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...took me back, waaaaaay back! 10/10 5/5

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